What Is Tilt-up Panel Erection?

Tilt-up panel erection is a building construction method where the concrete elements of a building, like walls, columns, and structural supports, are formed horizontally on a concrete slab and tilted vertical by a mobile crane. Once tilted, the elements are braced into position until all roofs, intermediate floors, and walls are secured.

We complete tilt-up panel erection as a fast and less labour-intensive building construction method suitable for warehouses, office buildings, houses, hotels, and more.

Benefits of Tilt-up Panel Erection

Tilt-up panel erection’s main draws are its speed and flexibility. Concrete elements can be formed at factories off site or poured on site, the internal and external elements included on the slab can be tailored to your needs, and it quickens the process of enclosing the building, so builders can get ‘in the dry’ as soon as possible.

Accredited Crane Operators and Riggers

CQ Crane Hire’s expert crane operators and riggers hold all the relevant licences and certificates for tilt-up panel erection, including High Risk Work (HRW) licences. Our accreditations are available to view upon request.

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Tilt-up Panel Erection Preparation

We perform all the relevant planning and safety tasks for tilt-up panel erection, such as tilt-up layout preparation. Tilt-up layout preparation involves ensuring all the required elements fit safely and meet the customer’s requirements, including their design, their placement on the slab, and their proper fixture.

CQ Crane Hire also performs steel placement for tilt-up panel erection under our structural steel services.

Timber Truss and Roof Installation

CQ Crane Hire’s comprehensive tilt-up panel erection services include timber truss and roof installation after the panel erection service itself is completed. We complete the whole project of enclosing the building for you, so you don’t have to shop around for multiple contractors.

Areas We Serve

We provide tilt-up panel erection services from our Rockhampton headquarters down to Gladstone, Yeppoon, and everywhere in between. Some of the locations that we most frequently serve include:

  • Rockhampton
  • Gladstone
  • Yeppoon
  • Capricorn Coast
  • Kinka Beach
  • Zilzie
  • Joskeleigh
  • Thompson Point
  • Port Alma
  • Targinnie

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