Steel Placement for Buildings and Bridges

CQ Crane Hire provides structural steel erection services including steel placement and steel decking for buildings and bridges across Central Queensland, from Rockhampton to Gladstone. We lift and bolt steel elements, secure and align them to your specifications and in accordance with industry standards on quality and safety. Whether you require braced or continuous frames, or special controls for tight tolerances, CQ Crane Hire has you covered.

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We Take Structural Steel Erection Safety Seriously

At CQ Crane Hire, we prioritise safety in all our operations, including on steel placement projects. During structural steel erection, we consider builders’ safe access to working positions, lifting and steel placement safety, and the stability of the structure. Before lifting, we check the foundations of the building or bridge, and after bolting we check the column base alignment and secure all bolted components to industry standards. We can even adhere to any special controls required on structural steel erection projects with specified tight tolerances.

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Using Mobile Cranes for Steel Placement

Using mobile cranes as opposed to tower cranes for structural steel erection allows for more and faster lifts, better ensuring the project is completed on time, every time.

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All-terrain Crane Hire

Our all-terrain cranes are ideal for structural steel erection on rough ground conditions.

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Slewing Crane Hire

CQ Crane Hire provides slewing cranes on steel placement projects requiring high reach.

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Telehandler Hire

We use our telehandlers to access the steelwork and bolt up the pieces lifted by the crane.

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Steel Decking

CQ Crane Hire provides steel decking services for the installation of composite floors, including edge protection. We are capable of performing complex steel placement tasks for any project, no matter the terrain, and can support steel decking projects with our range of quality lifting machinery. Our steel decking services include performing steel placement within tight tolerances, while also meeting the exact design specifications and adhering to industry standards on quality and safety.

Areas We Serve

We offer our structural steel erection services across Central Queensland from our headquarters in Rockhampton down to Gladstone, Yeppoon, and everywhere in between. Some of the locations we most frequently serve include:
  • Rockhampton
  • Gladstone
  • Yeppoon
  • Capricorn Coast
  • Kinka Beach
  • Zilzie
  • Joskeleigh
  • Thompson Point
  • Port Alma
  • Targinnie

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